Collection: Lego Storage

Many LEGO enthusiasts use our Boxes to store bulk LEGO bricks or bring MOCs to LEGO conventions. They love that they are high-quality stackable plastic boxes with clip lock handles to secure the lid and keep contents secure and dust free.

They also love our storage towers with drawers.  While you can use the drawers as-is, the optional “Scrapbook Drawers Hobby Tray (15 section)” makes the drawers more useful for sorting your LEGO collection by dividing each drawer into 15 identical compartments.

We also sell a range of other boxes that fit our large tray with 6, 12 or 16 compartments.  To see how many trays fit into each of these boxes, please refer to "Tray Details" on our website. 

Finally our Storage Tower with 4x9 Litre Clear Boxes can fit 2 of the 9 Litre sorting Trays per box and provides yet another option for storing and sorting lego.